Brussels South Charleroi Airport introduces Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM)


Brussels South Charleroi Airport, SOWAER, Eurocontrol, skeyes, SABCA, Ryanair, TUI fly and Air Corsica today signed a collaboration agreement aimed at reducing the environmental impact of airport operations, in the presence of Mr. Jean-Luc CRUCKE , Minister in charge of Walloon airports.

The creation of an environmental policy is a key element of sustainable development in the aviation industry. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as noise, while improving the air quality around the airport, are three of the major priorities of airports today, to which all the partners involved in This agreement.

Jean-Luc CRUCKE, Minister in charge of Walloon Airports, fully supports this initiative:

The formal establishment of the CEM at BSCA is a further step towards the search for a balance between the development of airports and the vital need to fight against pollution and global warming.. I am particularly happy to see this commitment signed as our airport is about to enter a new chapter. It demonstrates the vital interest of shareholders, directors and management in environmental issues. We are now convinced that this aspect is part of our airport’s strategy for the future.

Initiated by Eurocontrol, with the support of ACI Europe, the CEM (Collaborative Environmental Management) is designed to help airports and their operational partners cooperate with each other and work together to identify, develop and implement effective solutions to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Philippe MERLO, DECMA Director at EUROCONTROL, Explain :

In 2009, when our EMC specifications were released, environmental pressures were not what they are today. Over the years, CEM has grown to help airports and their partners meet the challenges of the European Green Deal. A third edition of our specifications will be published very soon, taking into account new challenges such as the use of sustainable fuels. Today, the implementation of the CEM at BSCA confirms the strength of this tool, and we are happy to be able to contribute to the sustainable development of this airport.

Introduced by skeyes in Belgium in 2018, the strategy is starting to bear fruit, notably with an improvement in green landings (CDO or Continuous Descent Operations) and a reduction in waiting at low altitude. As an air navigation service provider, skeyes is delighted to bring its experience and knowledge in this area to Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Johan DECUYPER, Managing Director of skeyes, points out:

When the CEM concept was launched, skeyes had already expressed its intention to deploy it in all the Belgian airports with which it works. This partnership at Brussels South Charleroi Airport is one more step towards more sustainable aviation. It will allow us to open up new perspectives and take more initiatives with our partners, while continuing to contribute to the attractiveness of Belgian airspace and to the economic development of Belgian airports.

Formalizing the commitments made by the various stakeholders (Brussels South Charleroi Airport, SOWAER, Eurocontrol, skeyes, SABCA, Ryanair, TUI fly and Air Corsica), the main objectives of this working agreement are:

  • Identify the issues as well as the short and long term issues for Brussels South Charleroi Airport
  • Develop a shared environmental strategy and action plans to minimize environmental impacts (noise, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Define performance indicators intended to analyze the achievement of the environmental objectives established between the various stakeholders
  • Promote a better understanding of the interdependence between the airport, airlines and air navigation service providers as a whole
  • Support and grow the airport, while reducing its impact on the environment
  • To support environmental certification procedures such as ISO 14001: 2015 or the involvement of BSCA in the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the different actors involved in CEM

All the parties involved in this collaborative environmental management agreement can evolve and each operational actor of Brussels South Charleroi Airport can participate.

The creation of this Environment Committee, thanks to the CEM (Collaborative Environmental Management), is in line with the environmental policy of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, which strives every day to reduce its environmental footprint. Brussels-Charleroi Airport is committed to reducing its CO2 by 35% compared to 2019 by 2030, and become carbon neutral by 2050.

Philippe VERDONCK, Managing Director of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, welcomes this collaborative approach in the service of the environment:

Our common goal is to develop our airport activities while respecting our environment. It is essential that we preserve our beautiful planet and that we work as hard as possible to develop action plans to protect it.


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