Call for tenders for the environmental impact assessment and environmental management plan issued for the development of young professionals


The Prime Minister’s Office has issued a Request for Proposal to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) on the 83 acres identified for the Young Professionals community at Prospect Ridge .

“The EIA and EMP should ensure that the development of the Community provides a considered level of environmental protection and contributes to the integration of environmental considerations throughout planning and development,” said Ms. Viana Gardiner. , President of the Development Committee. of Communities for Young Professionals.

“They must also ensure strict compliance with the Bahamian Planning and Environmental Protection Act.”

The Committee met with all government regulatory bodies responsible for the decision-making required for the initial stages of development, including the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Environment and Housing, the Department of Planning and Development. environmental protection, the Department of Regional Planning and the Water and Sanitation Company.

The Request for Proposal can be obtained from the eProcurement portal and government supplier registry. The deadlines for submitting proposals and the EIA and EMP are strict and will be strictly observed. Proposals should be submitted to [email protected] no later than May 28, 2021.

The government’s investment in the development of the young professional community will provide citizens with economic empowerment through land ownership and the possibility of obtaining affordable housing. It will also support the strengthening of the middle class in the Bahamas. It complements other government land initiatives of providing ready-to-build housing packages to low- and middle-income families and granting land concessions in family islands.


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