Environment Day celebrations include 600km bike ride


Several groups of young people will celebrate World Environment Day by cycling 600 km through four provinces. Photo provided

Members of civil society organizations and youth groups are celebrating World Environment Day by organizing two cycling events lasting a total of 25 days, according to a joint press release.

They said their events would end before the official day, which is June 5. They named their events “600 km cycling for the environment” and “Let’s cycle around Ta Mok Lake”.

The statement said the celebrations kicked off on May 10 and will continue until June 3 under the theme “Promoting environmental protection for the sustainability of natural resources and human well-being.”

The celebrations have three main purposes. First, raise awareness and involve young people in the protection of the environment and natural resources, and fight against climate change through activities that increase people’s knowledge of the impact of deforestation, the filling of natural lakes and excessive use of plastics and fuel.

Second, to urge the government to implement policies that would promote public participation in environmental protection.

Third, encourage people to exercise their rights and freedoms and raise issues related to the protection of the environment, natural resources or climate change with decision-makers, and encourage them to find solutions.

“During this year’s World Environment Day celebrations, civil society and youth groups in Cambodia will organize cycling events, social media campaigns and workshops on May 29 in Phnom Penh,” says the press release.

Heng Kimhong, research and advocacy program manager at the Cambodian Youth Network (CYN), told The Post on May 10 that 25 volunteers, including eight women – representing 15 civil society and youth organizations – would participate in “the 600 km cycling event for the environment”. . They would start from the city of Kampong Thom, then cross the provinces of Preah Vihear, Kratie and Stung Treng and return to the province of Kampong Thom. The trip was supposed to take 11 days.

“We will cycle on public roads to reach our destination. On this route, we will follow a long loop, so we will return to Kampong Thom,” he said.

He said these activities would promote environmental awareness.

“We want to highlight environmental issues. We know that environmental issues are very important, especially the use of fuel and plastics, the destruction of natural resources and the effects of climate change on the environment,” he said.

Thuon Srey Pov, 20, a CYN member who volunteered to take part in the 600km cycling event, said the aim was to promote environmental protection and reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Bike rides are also good for your health, she added.

“I know that cycling 600 km will be difficult, but that is why it is a good test of our commitment and our will. Whatever the difficulties we face, we will continue to persevere in our objectives of protection environment,” she said.

At the national level, National and World Environment Day was celebrated on May 5 in Battambang province under the theme “Caring for the planet for our health”, to raise public awareness about the environment – ​​​​in particular the promotion of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation. and a sustainable lifestyle.

The date has been brought forward by a month because the Kingdom will go to the polls for the municipal elections on June 5.


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