Gangavaram Port Celebrates World Environment Day 2021

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Gangavaram Port Celebrates World Environment Day 2021

Posted on June 6, 2021

Face: Gangavaram Port Limited, India’s deepest and most versatile port, celebrated World Environment Day by launching a week-long green belt development initiative at the port premises. Embracing the World Environment Day 2021 theme of “restoring ecosystems”, awareness programs were organized for staff as well as a massive planting campaign to restore and recreate the verdant environment.

Gangavaram Port adopted Miyawaki’s planting method on a one-acre plot and planted more than 5,000 saplings with different kinds of species. In the face of today’s challenges of climate change, the Miyawaki system helps to build durable and sustainable multi-layered forests that establish a balance to persevere in the ecosystem. Apart from the planting, the teams also carried out pond and beach cleaning activities to create a sustainable and pollution-free environment. The port also maintains an in-house nursery with nearly 1 lakh of saplings of different varieties of the avenue, fruit and ornamental plants, and continuously focuses on developing a green belt for nearby villages.

The program was attended by Sri GJRao, Executive Director, Sri Sambasiva Rao, CEO, Sri. V. Janardhan Rao, COO, Sri. CS Raju, Director (S&P), Smt. Dr. D. Jyothi, Vice President (Environment), Mr. Devendra Thakar, Techno – Commercial Manager and Mr. Avinash Patel, Finance Manager as well as key port personnel. Keeping in mind the Covid pandemic, all activities were discreet and were conducted following all social distancing protocols.

According to the United Nations (UN), the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030 was conceived as a way to highlight the need for significantly increased global cooperation to restore degraded and destroyed ecosystems, by contributing to efforts to combat climate change and safeguard biodiversity, food security and water supply. Ecosystem restoration is not just about recovering but also about maintaining healthy ecosystems. With this year’s World Environment Day comes a drive to reverse the damage and to reimagine and recreate a greener future by restoring nature for a better world.


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