Green Echo distributes 1000 trees


A platform for young environmental enthusiasts, Green Echo, is taking an initiative to mark World Environment Day 2021. As part of their plan, with the help of 50 selected members, they have distributed 1000 trees to 1000 families. Each family has planted a fruit tree on their premises and they will take care of the tree, writes Sanjoy Chowdhury

The increasing temperature of our planet makes life here difficult. Big cities welcome even more hostile weather conditions. The biodiversity of our planet is threatened. Bangladesh is not immune to these phenomena and the effects of climate change will adversely affect a geographic location like ours.

Deforestation is one of the main players leading to such drastic climate change. Article 18 (A) of the Constitution of Bangladesh speaks of the protection and development of natural resources. It elaborates on the protection of the various components of nature such as biodiversity, bodies of water, flora and fauna.

Today we will not be talking about deforestation or the destruction of natural resources; instead, we’ll talk about planting and caring for trees. Today we are going to talk about a Bangladesh full of greenery.

Green Echo Tree Planting and Pansies
The onset of the monsoon is the best time to plant trees. Many organizations and small groups of activists and tree lovers are planting trees during this time all over Bangladesh. Most of the time, these trees are planted on the premises of educational institutions on roadside grounds.

Even if these trees are planted with good intentions, without proper aftercare, most trees die. This results in a demotivation for future tree planters and a waste of time and energy.

In this context, Green Echo, a platform for young environmentalists, has formulated a model. This model is a very simple but effective method of planting trees. This model has the potential to make tree planting a social culture.

Distribution of 1000 trees at the centenary of Mujib
Bangladesh’s first president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, dreamed of a Bangladesh full of greenery. It is impossible to build the country of your dreams without protecting the trees, the rich biodiversity, the rivers and the natural resources. Her centenary is an important year for Bangladesh and we plan to mark her by distributing 1000 trees among tree lovers.

We started our project on May 5th with the intention of distributing 1000 trees by June 5th, which is World Environment Day. We achieved our goal and planted these 1000 trees using our method.

The steps we have taken in the last ten days
Green Echo hosted an extensive online session with members from across the country participating. The organization discussed the plan developed and compiled a list of 50 volunteer members who live across the country.

Each of the selected members was tasked with collecting 20 fruit plants from their neighboring nursery.

The initiative started from Nageshwari upazila in Kurigram on May 25 where the first 20 trees were planted following all health security measures. These plants were presented to the neighbors of our designated member.

The plants were presented to the youngest member of a family, in the presence of his guardians. This was to ensure that the next generation understood the importance of trees and nature.

During the handover sessions, our members interviewed family members and taught them how to care for a specific tree.

By May 31, all 1,000 trees have been planted in different areas. From July 1-3, members visited the households where the trees were donated and inspected the status of the trees planted. On June 4, we were confirmed that 1000 families had received and successfully planted 1000 trees.

Our initiative encompassed different areas of Kurigram, Lalmonirhut, Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, Rangpur, Sirajganj, Tangail, Brahmanbaria and Netrokona. Mango, lychee, guava, orange, lemon and pomegranate plants have been planted in this initiative.

Green Echo hopes to follow this model and distribute 100,000 plants across the country and make sure they are well maintained.

Sanjoy Chowdhury is the director of Green Echo.


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