Indian Awaz Foundation will plant a tree for each contribution


On the occasion of World Environment Day, around 200 young people across the country pledged to protect the environment on Saturday as part of India’s Awaz Foundation’s “Gift For Future” virtual campaign. In the campaign, young people signed up by holding a sign and uploading a picture of it to their social media to raise awareness for environmental sustainability. The Indian Awaz Foundation, for the sole purpose of “pledge to plant”, will plant a tree in exchange for each pledge received.

To balance the perpetual hegemony of man over nature, the foundation imagined this unique campaign where young people mobilized on various social media platforms. The foundation will plant a tree for a pledge in flood prone areas of Assam.

Md Nazim Ahmed, Founder of India’s Awaz Foundation, said the theme of the campaign emphasizes the fundamental need to step forward and follow along with others in achieving the goal of saving the environment. . He said: “The main aim is to raise awareness of our environment and to remind us of our important role in contributing to the earth.”

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“The COVID-19 situation has prevented the foundation from organizing a physical campaign, however, we thought it would be safer and more effective to virtually mobilize young people towards this,” he said.

“Even though it’s virtual, our main goal was to take responsibility for planting a tree out of pledge as a gift for our future. Many like-minded organizations across the country have supported our campaign. We all have the same goal, namely to make the world a better place to live,” he added.

India’s Awaz Foundation actively organizes various development works at the grassroots level, and the “Gift For Future” campaign is held annually on World Environment Day. This campaign is an effort to give back to our nature what it owes to all humanity.

The campaign is an attempt to raise the issue of global concern. The foundation believes that everyone should work together to lighten the load on the environment, where everyone can wake up to a future with fewer oxygen cylinders and more oxygenating plants. It is a contribution to provide a better and sustainable future for future generations.

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