Olafur Eliasson projects works of art as COP26 built environment day kicks off


Daily COP26 briefing: Today’s COP26 briefing includes a work of art by Olafur Eliasson, RCA-designed electric vehicle charging points, and a guide to the events taking place on Cities, Regions and Cities Day. built environment.

Throughout COP26, we regularly post updates on what is happening at the climate conference and the events surrounding it. See all of our COP26 coverage here.

Voices for Earth screening lights up COP venue

The SEC Armadillo building designed by Foster + Partners, which is one of the venues for COP26, was illuminated by an hour-long light show featuring works by Danish designer Eliasson, Danish-Icelandic artist, French artist JR and American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, and photographers Cristina Mittermeier and Steve McCurry.

Organized by the Projecting Change collective, the light show Voices for Earth was produced by American documentary filmmaker Louie Psihoyos.

“I designed the Earth Speakr artwork with children around the world,” Eliasson said. “It is their voices, their concerns about the climate and their hopes for the future that must be heard by world leaders at COP26.”

The Royal College of Art designs an electric vehicle charging station for the British network

The design of an electric vehicle charging station to be rolled out across the country was unveiled at COP26. Designed by the University of London Royal College of Art (RCA) and technology consultant PA Consulting, the charging point is “as recognizable as the red letterbox or the black taxi”.

Charging points will be installed across the UK from 2022.

“This design is a milestone in our journey towards electric vehicles and zero carbon,” said RCA Chief Designer Clive Grinyer.

“We have listened to people across the country who have asked to have a minimum impact on their streets, to make sure it works well for people with disabilities and for all people and that we bring in the design and design talents. engineering from the UK to create an iconic design that we can all be proud of. “

Design Museum launches national net-zero research program

The London Design Museum is collaborating with the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK Research and Innovation to launch a national research program focused on the transition to a future net zero.

Dubbed the Future Observatory, the program will aim to “show how design research can drive Britain’s future prosperity”.

“The Future Observatory is a catalyst for bringing design research to life and connecting it to industry and policy making so that it can have a greater impact on the challenges facing the UK” said Chief Curator of the Design Museum and Director of the Future Observatory, Justin McGuirk.

“We use the power of the Design Museum as a place that brings people together to imagine, debate and, hopefully, shape a better future.”

The built environment day begins

Today’s COP26 conference offers a series of lectures dedicated to the built environment. Officially called Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day, it will see lectures hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Carbon Trust and Royal Institute British Architects (RIBA). See below for a list of Highlight Events.

Events of COP26 during the day of the built environment:

Strengthen ambition on climate change in cities and regions

Hosted by the Carbon Trust, this event will aim to show how cities “can play a more ambitious role in tackling climate change and achieving the goal of net zero”.

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Fixing the economy to fix climate change

Hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this conference will focus on how companies can integrate the circular economy into their overall strategy. It will present examples of companies integrating the circular economy into their activity.

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Disability, resilience and inclusion in our cities – inclusive design and community-led urban solutions for disability-inclusive climate resilience

Hosted by the Global Disability Innovation Hub, this side event will aim to “establish an agenda for the inclusive design of climate resilient cities”.

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Behind the scenes of the RIBA International Awards for Built Environment Day

At this virtual event, RIBA Awards Group President Jo Bacon will explain and explore five enduring case studies of this year’s RIBA International Excellence Award winners.

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UK Green Building Council Launch of the Lifetime Carbon Roadmap for the Built Environment

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) is launching its Net Zero Whole Life Carbon roadmap today with an event that will invite panelists to respond on how the plan can be achieved.

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Accelerate climate action in cities

Taking place at the UK Presidency Pavilion, this event will kick off the Urban Climate Action Agenda and aim to explain how it ‘will help participating cities in developing countries to shape and deliver net zero ambition to build cities to low carbon and climate resilient ”.

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Climate Activism in the Built Environment: An Introduction to Architects Climate Action Network

This event organized by the Architects Climate Action Network will present the current work of the Climate Action Group.

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Sustainability in Structural Engineering: Roundtable

Organized by the Scottish Regional Group of the Institution of Structural Engineers, this conference will focus on the role of structural engineers in creating a more sustainable built environment.

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Achieving Net Zero Carbon Buildings in Cities – Recent Examples and What Next?

Hosted by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, this discussion will include a talk by UK studio Foster + Partners. The studio will present a “scientific journey renovating the historic Acciona Ombu building in Madrid”.

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COP26 is taking place at the SEC Center in Glasgow from November 1-12, 2021. Check out the Dezeen Events Guide for all the latest information you need to know to attend the event, as well as a list of other architecture events and design taking place around the world.


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