On World Environment Day, Luminous Technologies urges everyone to restore the environment to its original glory


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On World Environment Day (June 5), Luminous Power Technologies had a special message for the world: to restore the environment to its original glory while showing us a greener way of life.

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Our environment has been deteriorating for a long time and we all know it needs our urgent attention. Luminous Power Technologies understands how critical this issue is.

AutumnGrey Bangalore came up with an empowering #ShuruvaatEkNayiDuniyaKi campaign, showing how the smallest of acts can help us reimagine the world and restore it to its original glory. And it all starts with a beginning. Luminous Power Technologies uses the voice of Sachin Tendulkar to inspire its viewers to embark on a journey of rebuilding the world.

Luminous Power Technologies has always championed the sustainable use of energy with its solar range and energy efficient appliances. On this World Environment Day, they are taking a powerful stand to make the world even better with a campaign that not only makes you realize the environment needs our attention, but sows the promise of a better future.

This sincere attempt at #GlobalRestoration celebrates the environment in its most authentic form.

Sachin Bhalla, Senior Vice President of Luminous Power Technologies, said, “At Luminous, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable solutions such as energy-efficient solar fans and LED bulbs. The occasion of World Environment Day has given us the opportunity to renew our commitment to the fight against climate change. And with that, asking our consumers to join us in the mission of #GlobalRestoration.

Swati Balani, Executive Creative Director, added, “With these uplifting words told by Sachin, we want to remind our audience just how much a sustainable new world is within our reach. While conversations about climate change seem overwhelming to many, we show our audience how small actions from you and me are all it takes to restore the world.

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Creative agency: AutumnGrey Bangalore

Group Chairman and CEO: Anusha Shetty

Managing Director and Creative Director: Sandipan Bhattacharyya

Associate Vice President: Sandhya Gurung

Executive Creative Director: Swati Balani

Lead Creative Director: Nishant Sethi

Agency Team: Manasha Parmar, Piyush Kumar, Ajendra Kumar Shaw, Pooja Dewanjee, Ijya Chugh

Client team: Ruchika Gupta, Riti Sinha, Medha Malhotra

Customer Name: Luminous Power Technologies

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