Ostend-Bruges Airport renews its important environmental management certificate


Ostend-Bruges Airport has once again received the official ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. “We value environmental protection and sustainable business practicessays CEO Eric Dumas.

Ostend-Bruges Airport is strongly committed to the sustainable development of the airport and wants to try to minimize the environmental impact in the process. In addition to strict compliance with all applicable environmental regulations, since 2013 Ostend-Bruges Airport has opted for a system that complies with the ISO 14001 environmental standard. ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted requirement standard for environmental management systems . The environmental management system focuses specifically on monitoring and improving environmental performance, such as reducing energy consumption.

Our airport attaches great importance to the environmental management system», declares Eric Dumas, CEO. “We take a structured, policy-based approach to environmental protection. Our airport attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable activities“, explains Dumas.

After an in-depth audit, Ostend-Bruges airport was authorized this week to receive the renewed environmental management certificate. “We are proud to renew our ISO 14001 certificate for the next 3 years. Our ambition is to continue our commitment to the environment and to limit our impact as much as possible. This approach is therefore part of the overall framework for reducing the environmental impact of the entire aviation industry, which, through concerted efforts, will enable the sector to become carbon neutral in the medium term,” said Dumas. “To keep our footprint as small as possible, we are also looking further afield. For example, we are studying the possibilities of installing solar panels on the lawns of the airport. In this way we could also produce energyconcludes Dumas.


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