Planting program organized on the occasion of World Environment Day


A planting program was held on the occasion of World Environment Day at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University on Saturday.

The planting campaign was organized by Education Culture Regeneration Center, New Delhi, Central India Area, Bhopal Division and Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University, on the occasion of World Environment Day, organized the Plantation program under Joint Aegis .

The program was organized on the University campus, which had the gracious presence of the regional manager of education and cultural regeneration centers, Ashok Kadel. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ramdev Bharadwaj, Registrar Shri Yashwant Singh Patel, Vijaya Rayakwar, President Puruskar received Academician Manoj Kumar Malviya “Manu”, co-organizer of Education Culture Regeneration Trust, Ravindra Saxena, attended the program and planted trees.

On the university campus, trees such as mango, berries and gulls have been planted with the aim of promoting biodiversity conservation. Insects, butterflies and birds from the planting of these tree species will be given food and shelter.

University staff and dignified citizens planted the trees. The program was concluded by Rajesh Kumar Mishra who thanked the guests present and expressed his gratitude.


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