Polycab organizes a planting campaign on the occasion of World Environment Day in Daman


As every year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, a tree planting program was organized by the famous wire manufacturer Policab Company in Daman under the direction of the president of the company Ramesh Kundnani , the planting was carried out by the director and the employees of the company on the premises of the company and a campaign of cleanliness was carried out around the company. During this, the company president, Ramesh Kundnani, while keeping social distancing in mind, congratulated and informed the employees and workers of the importance of the global environment and asked them to be join hands for positive activities in order to maintain the beauty of this land.

There is an initiative to act. We need to keep in mind the goals of the program throughout the year and make them beautiful and clean the environment through planting trees, saving water, reducing the use of water. electricity, many activities such as using organic and local food, protecting wildlife, etc. .should be turned into action. It is the only planet we have for life, it is our home and we are all responsible for maintaining its natural beauty forever. During this program, alongside Polycab Company President Ramesh Kundnani, AVP Gajanan Warudkar, Artavallav Swine, Tapas Pramanik, Vijay Sonar, Mukesh Sharma, Shashi Menon, Prem Soni, Dhirendra Mohapatra, Naren Patel etc. were present on occasion.

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Posted on: Thursday, June 10, 2021, 6:00 p.m. IST


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