Polygreen, Bee’ah will offer marine and environmental management solutions


Greek company Polygreen forms joint venture partnership with Bee’ah to deliver innovative marine and environmental management solutions and boost circular economy in MENA region

Evogreen will also provide oil spill response services. (Image Source: Bee’ah)

The newly formed company tackles marine pollution with advanced waste management solutions to keep the oceans intact. By joining forces, Bee’ah and Polygreen are setting a new benchmark in environmental cooperation in the wider Middle East.

Evogreen has already set up an alternative raw materials plant located in Bee’ah Waste Management Complex, Sharjah, and builds a solid alternative fuel system, to process waste streams such as sludge and convert it into an alternative fuel that can be used in the manufacture of cement.

The alternative raw material installation treats and treats maritime waste and sea-related hazardous waste, to produce alternative materials for industrial use. Both facilities will collect, recycle and recover hazardous and non-hazardous waste from ships visiting ports in the United Arab Emirates, which is an international maritime hub.

Address a range of marine waste and pollution issues, Evogreen will also provide oil spill response services; management of ships in distress, cargo and abandoned containers, including recycling or salvage solutions, repair or refurbishment work; green ship recycling and the creation of an environmental laboratory.


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