Qatar Environment Day: Ongoing Achievements, Long-Term Strategy


Yesterday, Minister of Environment and Climate Change HE Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al Thani participated in the bird release event in the Barouq reserve.

The State of Qatar celebrates Qatar Environment Day on February 26 under the slogan “Our Environment is a Trust” to highlight the importance of concerted community, official and civil efforts to preserve Qatar’s environment, maintain all its elements and make it safe, healthy and healthy for present and future generations.

The State of Qatar has been celebrating this National Environment Day since 1996, under a specific slogan that serves a specific environmental issue, to remind and draw attention to the fact that protecting the environment of the motherland is the responsibility everyone, especially since the issue of the environment has become a global problem in all its dimensions without exception, receiving international attention through the holding of summits, conferences and meetings to find effective and innovative solutions to all its challenges.

Not only to celebrate this annual celebration, the State of Qatar has launched numerous initiatives, including the planting of a million trees, which was launched in 2019 with a budget of QR 1 billion to support international efforts to fighting climate change and promoting environmental sustainability.

In addition, Qatar is committed to hosting a carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and to meeting international standards in the field of environmental conservation by adopting a level of sustainability for stadiums according to different categories including design, construction, energy and water use.

In the environmental pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, the State of Qatar has established a balance between “development needs” and “environmental protection” by creating effective and advanced environmental institutions that strive to provide and enhance public awareness of environmental protection issues and to encourage the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Qatar Environment Day activities aim to raise environmental awareness, improve knowledge, skills, trends and values ​​associated with the safety and recovery of Qatar’s environment. They also aim to develop entrepreneurship and environmental sense among citizens and residents, groups and individuals and encourage participation in various activities. The activities aim to strengthen the role of public and private institutions and organizations in the field of environmental protection.

There is no doubt that the successes achieved in celebrating Qatar Environment Day over the past few years have greatly contributed to increasing environmental awareness in the community through wide participation in the events, which reflects the extent of care and attention given to the Qatari environment by the wise leadership, to protect its various components from waste, deterioration, harmful negative practices and pollution in all its forms.

Speaking to Qatar News Agency (QNA), the Deputy Undersecretary for Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Eng. Hassan Jumaa Bu Jamhour Al Mohannadi said that the slogan of Qatar’s Environment Day celebration for this year, “Our environment is a trust”, reflects the excellence of biodiversity in Qatar, which unites the sea, land, heritage and natural resources. , noting that the ministry seeks to protect this diversity by preparing a database to preserve the environment and achieve a balance between environmental, social and human development to ensure a sustainable future.

Negative practices with the environment, and tampering with its components everywhere, is a behavior rejected by the local and international community, Al Mohannadi said, adding that the teachings and values ​​of the Islamic religion reject such practices as they threaten people. resources, spoil the environment, drain its resources, and deprive successive generations of the maximum benefits from the environment. He stressed that every citizen and resident should play and play in environmental protection with a sense of responsibility and obligation to live in a clean environment free from pollution, disease and environmental hazards.

He also noted that the celebration of Qatar Environment Day 2022 is distinguished by high-level interest and participation from public institutions, private sector companies, NGOs and civil society, explaining that the Celebratory activities will continue for several days, which started Thursday in the Sealine area with the participation of HE the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Sheikh Dr. Faleh bin Nasser bin Ahmed bin Ali Al-Thani and the owners of the camps of the region. Activities included launching a group of Rhim gazelles in the Sealine Nature Reserve, in addition to organizing campaigns for hygiene and agriculture in cooperation with the Qatar Scouts and Guides Association.

On Saturday, activities at the Brouq nature reserve will include cultivation and hygiene campaigns, and the release of one type of birds, Al Mohannadi said. He added that on Monday, the activities will be held on Bin Ghannam Island and will include releasing fish into the forest and conducting eco-introductory tours inside the forest, in addition to other awareness-raising activities. as part of a festive program for children. .

As part of Qatar’s National Environment and Climate Change Strategy, launched in October, the country is focusing on ecotourism through the expansion of the creation of nature reserves, gardens and green spaces. , as well as animal husbandry. and plant wildlife and other ecotourism attraction projects.

In a statement to QNA, the Deputy Under Secretary for Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Eng. Hassan Jumaa Bu Jamhour Al Mohannadi said the ministry will focus on ecotourism this year as it is part of Qatar’s national environment and climate change strategy, adding that the ministry has released deer and oryx Arabs in the reserves, organizes visits and works to preserve and develop ecotourism sites.

Regarding his assessment of the environmental situation in the State of Qatar, Al Mohannadi described the situation as “excellent”, explaining that this approach will be continued in the next stage, within the framework of the Qatar National Strategy for the environment and climate change, which receives the utmost care, attention and monitoring from the state.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has consistently stressed the need to pay attention to biodiversity and its sustainability in the Qatari environment and has encouraged agriculture and land reclamation. In this regard, the initiative to plant a million trees was announced in March 2019 during the 7th Qatar International Agricultural Expo and the first Qatar International Environmental Expo. The objective is to support international efforts to address climate change and improve environmental sustainability, as well as the sustainability of water resources, the use of treated water for irrigation and reduce the waste of water resources. , in addition to promoting biodiversity and protecting biodiversity, improving air quality, increasing green space and reducing gas emissions.

Furthermore, the growing interest in the environment in Qatar includes the continued implementation of various projects related to the environment sector, including the development and creation of monitoring devices, the development of national capacities and the system of work, the increase in the number of natural reserves, the conservation of the plant environment and endangered species and plants, and the respect of the conventional obligations of the various international and regional environmental projects signed and ratified by the State of Qatar, and other projects aimed at maintaining ecological balance, since any resulting defect would deplete other components of the environment.

The responsibility to protect “Our environment is a trust” is a collective and societal responsibility, since all citizens, residents, individuals and institutions affect and are affected by the environment, hence the slogan of this year’s celebration of the Day of Qatar’s environment “Our environment is a trust” aims to reflect all these contents and interests and Qatar’s growing efforts to protect its environment.

Qatar Environment Day highlights the importance of protecting the environment with all its components and natural resources, especially as Qatar National Vision 2030 has adopted environmental sustainability as one of its four pillars to achieve to the sustainable development of the country.

All these efforts and achievements undoubtedly confirm the great care that the State of Qatar attaches to the issue of the environment, especially since it occupies a leading international position in the field of the preservation of the environment. environment in cooperation with the international community and competent and specialized international organizations, given that Qatar has already hosted several conferences of the parties in this regard.


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