Someone in Kerala planted ganja for environment day. Cops saw red, but Twitter saw green


People around the world are planting saplings and trees to show their support for World Environment Day.

However, in Kerala, a few young people have taken their love for all things “green” a little too far.

According to Mathrubhumi, a group of young people from the Kandamchira area in Kollam planted cannabis by the roadside and said it was a plant they worshiped.

A man who lives in the neighborhood became suspicious and informed the authorities. The Kollam special excise brigade, arrived at the scene and confirmed that the young trees, 60 cm and 30 cm long respectively on the road between the Kurishadi junction in Kandachira and the ring road, were indeed the illegal drug.

Source: The News Minute

Eyewitnesses say three people “under the direction of a young man addicted to drugs” planted the saplings and took pictures of them.

Planting cannabis in a public space probably wasn’t a very good idea. I wonder what they were high on.


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