State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry:



Meet Dr Cynthia J. Downs! Dr. Cynthia J. Downs joined the ESF as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Biology in August 2019.

Downs is a graduate of the ESF, having obtained her BS from College before pursuing her PhD. in Ecological Evolution and Conservation Biology at the University of Nevada, Reno.

An ecological physiologist, Downs’ research focuses on scaling and tradeoffs in animal physiology, particularly with regard to immune defenses in an ecological or evolutionary context. She studies how the various physiological traits expressed by animals modify the interaction of an animal with its environment and intervene in the ecology, population dynamics and evolutionary trajectories of the animal. His research laboratory strives to understand the mechanisms involved in physiological characteristics and trade-offs, how physiological characteristics determine life cycles and population dynamics, and how environmental conditions affect physiological phenotypes.

She teaches animal physiology: environmental and ecological, and the principles of animal behavior.

Having obtained her undergraduate degree in Environmental Forest Biology at ESF, Downs is happy to be back at her alma mater as a faculty member. “The ESF has shaped my way of seeing the world, and the ESF teachers have encouraged me to pursue a scientific career,” she said. “I am so happy to be back in this unique community and to have the opportunity to honor the mentorship I have received.”


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