UK feed mills turn to environmental management training


The Confederation of Agricultural Industries (AIC) believes UK feed mills can switch entirely to green energy with a fair tax relief scheme.

In April, the organization noted that the carbon emissions associated with UK compound feed production per tonne were 23% lower than in 2000, following the introduction of climate change agreements and the achievement of the associated relative energy efficiency objectives. “These are industry data validated by the [UK’s] Environmental Agency. “

Still in line with its roadmap goals, the business group has announced that it will implement sustainability training for its 5,000 feed advisers enrolled in FAR this fall.

AIC stated that its sustainability roadmap, Released a year ago, was designed with a clear purpose to guide the collective work of the professional group, its direction of travel, and to help member companies align their business and planning.

In terms of further progress made since the publication of these goals, he said that its member companies are publishing their own sustainability-related goals and making new initiatives and innovations in this regard.

Nitrogen use efficiency

As to how it achieved the farm and land management goals that have been outlined in this roadmap, AIC explained how it has promoted a collective campaign spelling out ambitions to improve nutrient balance. agriculture, FCR, soil health and nitrogen use efficiency.

Momentum is now translated into action ”,It is said.

The industry body is also collaborating on a foruminvolving the AHDB, farm organizations, retailers and processors – coordinated by WRAP – as well as that of the Sustainable Food Trust, to draft a common set of metrics to measure change and target improvements in sustainable food production.

Work is underway on these initiatives, he said.

“We continue to help shape the government’s agriculture and land use policy and advisory landscape,”AIC added.

Soybean supply

Additionally, the organization said work to revise and update its Responsible Sourcing Guidelines, reflecting recent changes to FEFAC’s 2021 Soybean Sourcing Guidelines (SSG) 2021, is on track. way.

The new text should be approved in the coming weeks.


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