UN Environment Program hails Pakistan’s efforts to restore ecosystems


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s efforts to restore ecosystems have been praised by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Large-scale restoration initiatives, such as the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami project, are at the heart of Pakistan’s efforts to support the UN Decade and promote ecosystem restoration, said UNEP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Dechen Tsering, in a statement.

He said we are at a critical moment in history and Pakistan is leading the charge.

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According to a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report, Pakistan is particularly susceptible to increased monsoon variability, retreating Himalayan glaciers and extreme events including floods and droughts. The ripple effect of these will be an increase in food and water insecurity.

The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami not only helps restore diseased ecosystems and improve natural capital; it also supports livelihoods. The project should create jobs for nearly 85,000 daily bets. In addition, Pakistan’s protected areas initiative will create nearly 7,000 long-term jobs, according to the report.

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On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday that he was proud of his team working on environmental projects after sharing these statements from the United Nations Environment Program on his Twitter handles.


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