World Environment Day: In pandemic, Indian travelers want to make sustainable trips


As travel has come to a halt in India again, due to the ongoing second wave of Covid infections, travelers continue to dream of taking trips in the future. Most of these plans revolve around sustainability, as among other things, the pandemic has raised awareness among Indian travelers about their impact on the environment and the consequences of their escapades.

According to’s 2021 Sustainable Travel Report, 88% of Indian travelers said the pandemic influenced them to travel more sustainably in the future. Some 56 percent of travelers said they had made positive changes in their daily lives, with recycling (30 percent) and reducing food waste (33 percent) being the top priorities.

According to the report, the sustainable commitments of travelers on a daily basis are consistent with their intentions for their future trips, 83% of them wanting to reduce general waste, 84% wanting to reduce their energy consumption (by turning off the air conditioning and lighting when ‘they are not in the room) and 80% want to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport such as cycling, public transport, walking, etc.

Indian travelers also respect local communities, with 74% wanting authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture. Some 91 percent of travelers believe it is crucial to improve cultural understanding and preservation of heritage, and 89 percent want to ensure that the industry’s economic impact is evenly distributed across all levels of the society.

On top of that, 72 percent of people will avoid popular destinations and attractions to make sure they aren’t overcrowded, helping spread the benefits of traveling to lesser-known destinations.

The report found that Indian travelers revealed that during their vacation in the past 12 months, 47% made the decision to turn off the air conditioning / heating in their accommodation when they were not present in the apartment. bedroom ; 48 percent took their own reusable water bottle and 37 percent took part in activities to support the local community.

While 98 percent of travelers are interested in sustainable accommodation, 26 percent say they didn’t even know sustainable accommodation existed; 42 percent said they couldn’t find such options while traveling, and 35 percent said they didn’t know how to find them. In fact, 56% still believe that in 2021 there simply won’t be enough sustainable travel options.

In its sixth year now, the new research contains information gathered from more than 29,000 travelers in 30 countries, suggesting that the pandemic has been the tipping point for them to finally embark on their own sustainable journey.

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